Don’t just Take Our Word For It…


Sometimes our power will go out for days and I was tired of pulling out the portable generator every time the power went out, it was so inconvenient. I also had to make sure that I refueled it with gasoline frequently. I chose Dolphin because I heard the advertisement on the radio. Dale came out and told me all about it and from there we got one installed. I’m very pleased with the experience I’ve had with Dolphin. I really liked that they came out and did a courtesy service after it was installed. Having the generator saves a lot of money for us. When the power went out before we’d gotten the generator, we would have to replace all of our food because the refrigerator would get warm. Now we don’t have to worry about it. We have already recommended Dolphin to people we know. – Atwater Resident


I considered installing an automatic generator at my home because the power goes off all of the time.
I chose Dolphin because they carry the Guardian Generators and it’s a very well advertised name. I had a very good experience with Dolphin; I felt that the technicians were very knowledgeable. My generator exercises at the proper date and time, so I feel confident that it will run during a power outage. I would definitely recommend Dolphin and Guardian products; In fact I recommended them to my brother. – Dalton Resident


I purchased the generator because I don’t want to be left without power anymore, it just happened too much.I chose Dolphin because I heard their ad on the radio when I was coming home from breakfast one morning. Ever since the generator has been installed, we’ve had very few problems; Dolphin even came out and did the first service. I’ll always recommend Dolphin and Guardian products to people I know. – Canton Resident


We got the generator because the area we live in has a lot of power outages. We chose Dolphin because we knew of the company. I was very pleased with the whole process. We feel more secure now that we don’t have to worry about not having power, I’m very happy. I would definitely recommend this product, it’s great. – Dover Resident